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Amapondo Backpacker Lodge

At Amapondo Backpacker Lodge, we are always looking out for help and support in a variety of areas.  Most volunteers get involved in some sort of handy work such as building work, carpentry, painting, electrical or plumbing support,  or gardening.  If you have a particular skill, PLEASE let us know so that we can place you in a role that ensures that your volunteer contribution is valuable to Amapondo, as well as rewarding for you.

Volunteers helping out at Amapondo, Port St Johns, Wild Coast, South Africa

Volunteers helping out at Amapondo

At the moment we have a bunch of fun stuff going on including:

– A Gardening Project where we are growing a variety of organic veggies.  We are also building a large cage to protect our vegetables from the monkeys.

– Building a wooden deck above our bar and restaurant with an awesome view of the ocean.

Our volunteers also get involved with a bunch of other cool stuff such as taking tours and hikes, sunset trips up to the airstrip, and helping out with shopping in town, working at the bar or in the kitchen, and also at reception.  

We are happy to offer our volunteers:

FREE accommodation

• A FREE daily meal, and 

• Lots of FUN with an AWESOME bunch of people