Amapondo Backpackers | Port St Johns

Port St Johns Tour – R320

Our most popular tour departs in the morning and drives you to all the coolest spots in town.  For the adventurous, start the tour getting traditionally painted with healing mud at the sacred Isinuka Sulphur Springs.  After a short hike up a massive rock, you’ll find healing water and a bubbling pool with pink water.  Yes, Pink!

From there we drive to the Port St Johns museum for a taste of culture and history.

Then we take a short hike to the famous lighthouse perched on the rocks at the river mouth.

From here we head to The Waterfront Restaurant, known for making the best pizzas in Port St Johns.  If you don’t like pizza, they also do excellent seafood.  (And don’t worry, you food is included in the tour price.)

After lunch, its onwards into the cultural village of Mthumbane.  If the schools are open we’ll take you to the pre-school, where you’re likely to bump into volunteers from Amapondo teaching the children.

From here we visit The Blowhole, which involves a short hike, and for the brave a climb using a rope, then down an impressively long ladder, and into ‘The Gap’.  Traverse this impressive coastal peninsula, and shimmy up another ladder onto a great viewpoint.  From here you can see the Blowhole, where powerful waves crash against the rocks, their pressure forcing a jet of water high into the sky.Did we mention, the views from up here are screensaver perfect, and if you’re lucky, you might even see a whale or a pod of dolphins.